Nov 25, 2011:

6:36 PM Ticket #491 (Implement generator expressions) closed by vitja
fixed: Generator expressions are supported since 0.15

Nov 19, 2011:

3:11 PM Ticket #756 (Propagate length hint through generator expressions) created by scoder
Python generators have a feature that presents a length hint to interested …

Nov 15, 2011:

7:45 AM Ticket #755 (Errors in circular imports) created by robertwb
See https://bitbucket.org/guibou/cython_issues/src

Nov 11, 2011:

10:57 PM Ticket #754 (data of numpy masked array is not around) created by mauro
Somehow the data portion of a numpy.ma.MaskedArray? disappears within …

Nov 9, 2011:

4:30 PM Ticket #740 (C++ backend compile problem, iso-8859-1 source encoding) closed by vitja
fixed: fixed here: …
6:47 AM Ticket #731 (locals() doesn't work at module scope and class scope) closed by vitja
6:40 AM Ticket #753 (ScopedExprNode doesn't support closures) created by vitja

Nov 6, 2011:

9:34 AM Ticket #696 (Implement no-args super() (Py3 feature)) closed by vitja
fixed: fixed here: …

Nov 1, 2011:

8:35 PM Ticket #752 (Read Cython type declarations from PEP 3107 function annotations) created by scoder
Cython should try to read type declarations from function annotations if …
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