Mar 17, 2011:

1:28 PM Ticket #670 (Bug in closures) created by Ralf Schmitt
1:24 PM Ticket #669 (Dissallow assignment of vtab functions) created by robertwb

Mar 8, 2011:

9:45 PM Ticket #668 (Sequence inside DEL statement isn't supported) created by vitja
[…] It should be easy to fix, see …

Mar 6, 2011:

3:52 PM Ticket #667 (linking not done using g++ when language specified as "C++" (not "c++")) created by hoytak
Hello, When language="C++" (wrong capitalization) is passed to an …

Mar 5, 2011:

9:37 PM Ticket #666 (compiler crash on nested templates) created by hoytak
Attempting to compile/parse nested templates crashes cython. For example: …
8:27 PM Ticket #665 (Compiler crash on if(!x)) created by hoytak
The following (wrong) code fragment crashes the compiler: […] …

Mar 3, 2011:

12:49 PM Ticket #664 (Starred target bug) closed by robertwb
10:01 AM Ticket #664 (Starred target bug) created by vitja
This code doesn't work as expected: […]

Mar 2, 2011:

7:49 PM Ticket #663 (Bad type inference for sliced struct loops) closed by robertwb
fixed: https://github.com/cython/cython/commit/7c71fe4a2f44764802499d384c4eba22b08
7:36 PM Ticket #663 (Bad type inference for sliced struct loops) created by Christoph Groth

Feb 25, 2011:

12:13 PM Ticket #597 (NumPy + Cython + Python 3 = compiler crash) closed by dalcinl
fixed: Fixed: …
12:07 PM Ticket #562 (__ipow__ method must ignore its third argument) closed by dalcinl
fixed: Fixed, and test enabled: …
10:39 AM Ticket #106 (Regression tests fail for Python 2.6 on Win32) closed by dalcinl

Feb 19, 2011:

3:19 PM Ticket #657 (Warn on version missmatch) closed by robertwb
2:26 PM Ticket #523 (Compiler crash in C++ declarations) closed by robertwb
fixed: https://github.com/cython/cython/commit/c71adccb3e687952aacf4244fdf4610da3e

Feb 17, 2011:

10:32 PM Ticket #662 (Optimise Python's math functions when used on C values) created by scoder
The functions in the "math" Python stdlib package usually have direct …
2:50 PM Ticket #661 (Allow embed paramater to take a method name.) closed by robertwb
fixed: https://github.com/cython/cython/commit/4350d7f2807b45021eb480b4b3e3fb52eb5
2:48 PM Ticket #661 (Allow embed paramater to take a method name.) created by robertwb
This is useful in case one wants to embed the Cython code rather than just …
1:36 PM Ticket #660 (Buffers not allowable as closure variables.) created by robertwb
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