Oct 9, 2010:

4:22 AM Ticket #582 (comparison operators on char* literals should compare strings, not ...) created by scoder
This is currently annoying for bytes literals (which Cython handles as …

Oct 4, 2010:

8:59 PM Ticket #581 (bad reference type coercion) closed by robertwb
fixed: http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/afd14e20b678
8:51 PM Ticket #581 (bad reference type coercion) created by robertwb

Oct 2, 2010:

11:51 PM Ticket #580 (Buffer code aborts on first error) created by robertwb
Most of Cython uses the error(...) method so that the maximum number of …
11:48 PM Ticket #579 (compiler crash on invalid buffer type) closed by robertwb
11:37 PM Ticket #579 (compiler crash on invalid buffer type) created by robertwb
[…] as reported at …

Sep 27, 2010:

9:43 AM Ticket #561 (major performance bug with special functions) closed by robertwb
fixed: This has been fixed except for __getattr__.
9:43 AM Ticket #553 (Make inferring Python str type unsafe) closed by robertwb
fixed: While not all corner cases have been resolved, this has been fixed enough …
9:41 AM Ticket #569 (New special method code breaks __getattr__ and module initialisation) closed by robertwb
fixed: What exactly to do about this long term is still undecided, as the above …

Sep 11, 2010:

12:34 PM Ticket #577 (Compiler crash in pointer slicing iteration) closed by scoder

Sep 9, 2010:

1:29 AM Ticket #578 (crash in Py3 with non-sliceable slices) created by robertwb
I believe […] is enough to trigger it.
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