Jul 1, 2010:

11:49 AM Ticket #548 (Wrong code generated for type-casting to C++ reference) created by haoyu
The following Cython code will compile to invalid C++ code. GCC reports " …

Jun 30, 2010:

7:27 PM Ticket #547 (Cython crashes compiling source files from pathnames with non-platform ...) created by scoder
The file path of the main source file is not properly decoded to Unicode, …

Jun 24, 2010:

3:53 AM Ticket #546 (range(a,b,c) not optimized for (at compile time) unknown step value) created by robertwb
We optimized range(a) and range(a,b), why not this one?

Jun 21, 2010:

6:48 PM Ticket #545 (Compiler crash with C++ templates/buffers) created by robertwb

Jun 15, 2010:

7:57 PM Ticket #544 (FlattenInListTransform breaks code with side-effects) closed by scoder
fixed: Fixed here: http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/37d40646533e
2:02 PM Ticket #544 (FlattenInListTransform breaks code with side-effects) created by scoder
The following Python code always evaluates count() four times on …

Jun 14, 2010:

12:06 PM Ticket #543 (cython-closures has Py3 issues) created by scoder
See: …

Jun 7, 2010:

2:57 PM Ticket #542 (Support for relative import) created by haoyu
Python >=2.5 supports relative import: […] this is not supported by …
8:43 AM Ticket #541 (Exception catching semantic change in Python 3) created by haoyu
As described in [http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3110/#semantic-changes
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