Jan 8, 2010:

6:26 PM Ticket #475 (__file__ variable not available in module init) created by robertwb
test.pyx […] […]

Jan 7, 2010:

1:06 PM Ticket #474 (support non-overridable 'inline' methods) created by scoder
When a method is declared 'inline', Cython should emit calling code that …

Jan 6, 2010:

7:10 PM Ticket #473 (cython 0.12 bug for microsoft visual studio 2008 compiler) created by MattBro
Certain simple class structures will fail to compile under MS Vis. Studio …

Dec 29, 2009:

9:07 AM Ticket #472 (builtins caching happens too early, before the optimisation phase) created by scoder
When using xrange() in a for-loop, Cython will generate code to …

Dec 27, 2009:

5:08 AM Ticket #471 (Allow public enum type fields for cdef classes) created by robertwb
Currently this gives a […]
4:42 AM Ticket #470 (In Py>=2.6, kwargs can be general mappings) created by robertwb
See http://www.mail-archive.com/cython-dev@codespeak.net/msg08051.html and …

Dec 14, 2009:

2:54 PM Ticket #469 (Dependency graph for output of types and utility code) created by dagss
As the builtin/"utility code" types of Cython becomes more complex, the …

Dec 12, 2009:

8:15 PM Ticket #468 (Add note about numpy.get_include to the docs.) created by robertwb

Dec 11, 2009:

1:45 PM Ticket #467 (cascaded assignments mixed with complete sequence assignments have ...) created by scoder
This code: […] evaluates intval() four times instead of twice: once …
1:40 PM Ticket #466 (cascaded list unpacking into typed targets crashes) closed by scoder

Dec 9, 2009:

12:11 PM Ticket #466 (cascaded list unpacking into typed targets crashes) created by scoder
See extended_unpacking_T409 test: […]
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