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#281 Possible race condition w/ nogil exception propagation robertwb defect minor Code Generation dagss
#673 Bound methods of cdef classes acts differently from normal classes (with f2py?) dagss defect major Code Generation dagss
#770 Test failures and compiler warnings with the clang compiler scoder defect major Code Generation deil
#689 cimported function pointers defect major Cython Language Feature rlm
#512 parser bug for mismatches in function arguments with default value somebody defect major Parsing robertwb
#526 Error testing for overridden methods defect major Testing robertwb
#780 buffer shape incompatible with memoryview shape somebody defect major Type Analysis scoder
#778 'cimport cython.this_module_does_not_exist' doesn't make compilation fail somebody defect major Error Reporting strohel
#779 Applying undeclared decorator in a .pxd file doesn't make compilation fail defect major Error Reporting strohel

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Reporter
#714 Misleading warnings: "local variable referenced before assignment" vitja defect major Error Reporting nikratio
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