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#320 Type checking when casting objects to pointers somebody defect minor 7 years dagss
#848 cannot use some templates inside "with nogil" somebody defect major 13 months josedavid
#513 Infer return types of cdef functions somebody enhancement major 6 years scoder
#691 globals may be builtins if conditionally imported/defined somebody defect major 5 years scoder
#719 Decorated methods in cdef classes should be ordinary functions somebody defect major 5 years scoder
#752 Read Cython type declarations from PEP 3107 function annotations somebody enhancement major 5 years scoder
#774 type inference doesn't work in parallel code sections somebody defect major 4 years scoder
#806 'final' directive on methods in override .pxd files doesn't optimise calls in subtypes somebody defect major 3 years scoder
#819 inheriting cdef methods and making them final doesn't forward declare them somebody defect major 3 years scoder
#862 Allow cdef class inheritance from builtin exception types somebody enhancement minor 9 months scoder
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