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#296 Buffers: Copy-in/copy-out of buffers somebody defect major Code Generation invalid
#550 Cython can generate incorrect c++ code when a function uses a reference argument somebody defect major C++ duplicate
#261 Cython emits references to std::exception without #include-ing it somebody defect minor C++ fixed
#68 Finish moving constant generation to somebody task major Code Generation duplicate
#724 Genexpr iterator is evaluated in wrong scope defect major Python Semantics duplicate
#500 Hex compile time constants somebody defect major Parsing worksforme
#240 Invalid syntax leads to cython crash somebody defect minor Parsing worksforme
#397 Optimise further list methods scoder enhancement major Optimization duplicate
#456 Reduce overhead on Python-free 'finally' blocks somebody enhancement major Optimization duplicate
#209 Slow object buffers dagss defect major Code Generation invalid
#623 Support "internal" extension classes that do not get exported by the module scoder enhancement major Cython Language Feature fixed
#357 calculate_result_code not implemented defect major Testing worksforme
#141 cpdef special methods somebody defect major Code Generation duplicate
#242 cryptic error when keyword arguments used with cdef method defect major Error Reporting duplicate
#328 cython 0.11.2 errors on solaris 8 (sparc) due to fmodf() defect minor Testing wontfix
#317 extsetslice testcase fails in Python 3 somebody defect major Code Generation invalid
#293 implement closures somebody defect critical Code Generation duplicate
#248 line breaks between imported names scoder defect minor Parsing worksforme
#330 pxd locals ignored in .py compilation somebody defect critical Parsing duplicate
#572 study alternatives to PyType_IsSubtype somebody enhancement minor Optimization worksforme
#160 support for subinterpreters and module cleanup in Py3 somebody enhancement major Code Generation duplicate
#395 type-punning warning when accessing built-in types as objects somebody defect minor Code Generation invalid
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