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14:17 Ticket #769 (gcc "unused parameter" warnings in generated C code for classes) created by nikratio
[…] It'd be nice if these were suppressed by Cython.
06:26 Milestone 0.16 completed
04:27 Ticket #554 (Closures generated from cdef functions have issues) closed by mark
04:19 Ticket #522 (Decorator directives does not work with c(p)def functions) closed by mark
fixed: This seems fixed in the release branch of 0.16.
04:13 Ticket #392 (Inplace operators on complex numbers) closed by mark
fixed: Replying to dagss: > Mike T on ML complained that it still …


04:03 Ticket #768 (type inference can break 'del' statement) created by scoder
This fails to compile: […]


05:30 Ticket #766 (function in loop can break code generation) closed by vitja
fixed: fixed here …
01:57 Ticket #767 (Template specialization leaks into builtin types) closed by robertwb
fixed: Fix at …
01:51 Ticket #767 (Template specialization leaks into builtin types) created by robertwb
As reported on the list […] fails with "Function declared public or …


17:46 Ticket #766 (function in loop can break code generation) created by hoytak
Hello, With the current development version (dd8ac3), the following code …


09:13 Ticket #763 (reversed(range(start, stop, step)) is wrong) closed by scoder
fixed: Follow-up ticket for optimising this case is in #765.
09:12 Ticket #765 (Optimise reversed(range(start,stop,step)) for non-trivial steps) created by scoder
This should be optimised: […] Note that this involves properly …


16:43 Ticket #764 (prange doesn't properly parse reduction in if-elif-else trees) created by ohanar
The Cython compiler throws an UnboundLocalError on the x += 2


05:27 Ticket #763 (reversed(range(start, stop, step)) is wrong) created by mark
When iterating over reversed(range()), the reversed swaps the bounds of …
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