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09:13 Ticket #763 (reversed(range(start, stop, step)) is wrong) closed by scoder
fixed: Follow-up ticket for optimising this case is in #765.
09:12 Ticket #765 (Optimise reversed(range(start,stop,step)) for non-trivial steps) created by scoder
This should be optimised: […] Note that this involves properly …


16:43 Ticket #764 (prange doesn't properly parse reduction in if-elif-else trees) created by ohanar
The Cython compiler throws an UnboundLocalError on the x += 2


05:27 Ticket #763 (reversed(range(start, stop, step)) is wrong) created by mark
When iterating over reversed(range()), the reversed swaps the bounds of …


09:46 Ticket #762 (crash in type inference when accessing Python attribute of C double) created by scoder
This snippet from CPython's test_types.py crashes during type …


22:55 Ticket #761 (cimports don't search sys.path) closed by scoder
09:49 Ticket #732 (Inplace python object arithmetic with numpy buffers is unsupported.) closed by mark
fixed: Fixed in 5c7ae6baac9897c40ab6db9212e18ab5c4686976.
08:53 Ticket #353 ([kurt-gsoc branch] Add nice string representation to MemoryViewSliceType) closed by mark
fixed: Fixed in a0e188d497f7063ee37573208ce28cd8dc4a5e0a.
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