and .


22:40 Ticket #748 (cython.array broken in compile mode) created by robertwb
E.g. […] This also crashes the compiler.
13:49 Ticket #551 (Cython does not allow ctypedef'ing templated types) closed by robertwb
fixed:  https://github.com/cython/cython/commit/ce6a1255abfe6cf9a21266ca046c2e77028


23:13 Ticket #747 (Catch C++ exceptions raised by arithmetic) created by robertwb
If declared as except + Also, disallow int operator() as a "c …


15:26 Ticket #717 (Passing duplicate keyword arguments does not raise a TypeError) closed by scoder
fixed: Fixes are implemented here: …
12:46 Ticket #734 ("from a import b" raises AttributeError instead of ImportError) closed by vitja


06:36 Ticket #746 (Support variable sized object allocation (à la bytes/tuple)) created by scoder
CPython supports changing the size of an object struct at allocation time, …


08:02 Ticket #745 (extension types lack a dict to assign arbitrary attributes) created by scoder
It should be possible to do this: […] Currently, extension types do …


10:48 Ticket #744 (Optimise kwargs pass-through) created by scoder
Function wrappers often pass their keyword arguments on into the …


10:21 Ticket #584 (Bind names of module level Python functions at definition time, not ...) closed by scoder
10:16 Ticket #672 (compiler crash in redefinition) closed by scoder
10:12 Ticket #670 (Bug in closures) closed by scoder
worksforme: Works for me in latest master branch - assuming that it's been working for …
10:06 Ticket #595 (Bug in with/in transforms.) closed by scoder
fixed: Works for me, likely fixed as part of the with transform rewrite.
10:01 Ticket #711 (changing locals() does not change the locals) closed by scoder
invalid: Actually, CPython does not honour changes to the dict returned by locals() …
02:12 Ticket #743 (reduce None checks based on control flow analysis) closed by scoder
fixed: Implemented here: …
02:10 Ticket #743 (reduce None checks based on control flow analysis) created by scoder
In many cases, Cython currently generates None checking code (e.g. for …


10:38 Ticket #742 (using 'self' in the closure of extension type methods is broken) closed by scoder
fixed: Fixed here: …
08:17 Ticket #742 (using 'self' in the closure of extension type methods is broken) created by scoder
The following fails at runtime: […] The error message is: […] The …
08:04 Ticket #724 (Genexpr iterator is evaluated in wrong scope) closed by scoder
duplicate: Duplicate of #600.


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