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13:21 Ticket #572 (study alternatives to PyType_IsSubtype) created by mhansen
This is an old ticket from the Sage Trac which more appropriately belongs …
07:47 Ticket #571 (Methods overridden in Builtin.py fail to test for None) created by Simon Anders


23:52 Ticket #570 (Bad parsing for operator identifier.) created by robertwb
12:21 Milestone 0.13 completed


06:01 Ticket #569 (New special method code breaks __getattr__ and module initialisation) created by scoder
The optimisation in #561 breaks the __getattr__ method in Python …
00:16 Ticket #568 (Restore special method docstrings.) closed by robertwb
fixed:  http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/63c67976adc6
00:14 Ticket #568 (Restore special method docstrings.) created by robertwb
Unfortunately, #561 removed all docstrings for special methods, which is …


13:01 Ticket #567 (super doesn't work with cpdef methods) created by robertwb
On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Ken wrote: […]


09:36 Ticket #566 (Code generated for __getslice__ fails to build in Py3) closed by robertwb


23:05 Ticket #566 (Code generated for __getslice__ fails to build in Py3) created by cwitty
This is the same issue as #215. I've got a patch for this; I'll add a …
08:48 Ticket #561 (major performance bug with special functions) reopened by robertwb
There's still a bit of fallout to resolve: …


14:21 Ticket #561 (major performance bug with special functions) closed by robertwb
05:44 Ticket #564 (refcount bug in isinstance optimization) closed by scoder
fixed: Fixed here:  http://hg.cython.org/cython-release/rev/f3d01cc63e4f


12:15 Ticket #565 (Enable/disable optimizations) created by robertwb
Currently, the only way to do this is to comment out certain phases of the …


20:30 Ticket #564 (refcount bug in isinstance optimization) created by robertwb


06:58 Ticket #563 ("make repo" is broken) created by ksmith
Downloading the tarball for 0.12.1 or 0.13-beta: […] So the .hgrev …


16:16 Ticket #562 (__ipow__ method must ignore its third argument) created by cwitty
Evidently the Python position is that it's OK to pass garbage as the third …
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