and .


11:39 Ticket #340 (Problem with buffer/memview parsing strategy) created by dagss
gsoc-kurt branch In Parsing.py it says: […] However, this may not be …
01:57 Ticket #339 (Add library functions to numpy.pxd) created by robertwb
numpy.pxd is incomplete


08:42 Ticket #338 (for-from with object argument allowed in nogil mode) created by dagss
This currently compiles and then segfaults: […]


13:41 Ticket #336 (class decorators (PEP 3129)) closed by scoder
fixed: Given that we already have function decorators, this was really low …
13:40 Ticket #337 (class decorators for cdef classes) created by scoder
This would be a nice add-on to #336. A major requirement would be that the …
12:53 Ticket #336 (class decorators (PEP 3129)) created by scoder
See PEP 3129:  http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3129/


11:00 Ticket #335 (Utility code written in Cython) created by dagss
It should be possible to write utility code that is folded into the final …


13:30 Ticket #334 (support duplicating cdef class fields in both pxd and pyx) created by dagss


08:46 Ticket #333 ([with patch, positive review] extern ctypedef integral <-> python object ...) created by dalcinl
A long-waited feature: Cython should not assume the sizes for extern …


22:33 Ticket #332 (misleading error message for buffer types) created by robertwb
22:23 Ticket #331 (use -ansi flag for runtests) created by robertwb
We're trying to produce ansi C, we should be testing for it.
22:21 Ticket #330 (pxd locals ignored in .py compilation) created by robertwb
See  http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.cython.devel/5811/focus=5816


08:43 Ticket #329 (gil checks in .pxd files cannot rely on type information) created by scoder
According to Ondrej Certik, this currently fails in cython-unstable when …


08:10 Ticket #328 (cython 0.11.2 runtest.py errors on solaris 8 (sparc) due to fmodf()) created by jholg
Hi, running the cython testsuite on solaris 8 fails: […] Running the …


13:20 Ticket #327 (cpdef attributes should give an compile-time error) created by robertwb
Right now they're just treated as cdef (because function declarations are …


03:05 Ticket #326 (__hash__ gives runtime error when -1 returned) created by robertwb
Python classes coerce the -1 to a -2 to avoid this. See discussion at …


13:21 Ticket #325 (calling len() on char*) created by scoder
Calling len() on a char* should translate to a call to …
12:51 Ticket #324 (Wrap docstrings with PyDoc_STRVAR macro.) created by ehuss
The following patch changes it so that docstrings are wrapped with the …
12:46 Ticket #323 (Allow conditional compilation environment in distutils) created by ehuss
The following patch allows you to pass in variables for the conditional …
12:38 Ticket #322 (Honor distutils dependencies) created by ehuss
Currently the Cython extensions to distutils ignores the "depends" list of …
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