and .


21:11 Ticket #185 (Enum constant name mangling can't be disabled) created by jasone
When the following program is compiled, the .h output contains mangled …
07:23 Ticket #184 (range behaves in an odd way with unsigned types) created by dagss
I was just bitten by this: […] This will print out an empty list, and …


11:40 WikiStart edited by robertwb
03:59 Ticket #183 (Compiler directives on cpdef/cdef functions) created by dagss
Currently this is not allowed: […] It should be.
03:43 Ticket #182 (Inline iterator utility functions) created by dagss
Filing this as it's an idea and I "need" it, but it is far out and really …


21:00 Ticket #181 (embedsignature prints default args incorrectly) created by jasone
The embedsignature code uses %s instead of %r to format …
12:27 Ticket #175 (embedsignatures discards existing cpdef docstrings) closed by scoder
fixed: Applied, thanks!  http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/4486c09becf3
02:10 Ticket #180 (Optimize buffer assignments) created by dagss
If both x and y are buffers, and you do x = y; currently a full …


07:55 Ticket #179 (include syntax tree path in compiler crash output) closed by scoder
fixed: And here's the rest:  http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/e279baa0c002
03:54 Ticket #179 (include syntax tree path in compiler crash output) created by scoder


12:21 Ticket #178 (Efficient slices in buffers) created by dagss
It could be possible to speed up slice operations on acquired buffers; …
12:19 Ticket #177 (Efficient cdef calling convention for buffers) created by dagss
Currently there's no way of creating efficient functions taking a buffer …


13:17 Ticket #176 (long long and VC6) created by xi
The functions __Pyx_GetItemInt, __Pyx_SetItemInt and …


13:26 Ticket #175 (embedsignatures discards existing cpdef docstrings) created by jasone
The embedsignatures compiler directive causes method signatures to …


00:00 Milestone completed
00:00 Milestone 0.10 completed
00:00 Milestone 0.9.6.x completed
00:00 Milestone 0.10.1 completed
Fake completion date.
00:00 Milestone 0.10.2 completed
00:00 Milestone 0.10.3 completed


22:16 Ticket #164 (pyximport reportedly does not work on Python 2.6) reopened by scoder
Sorry, my fault. It's not fixed.


11:11 Ticket #174 (slow code) created by robertwb
Why is this slower when compiled? […]


12:20 Ticket #173 (per-interpreter module state in Py3 (PEP 3121)) created by scoder
Py3 has a new infrastructure for making module state local to an …
11:53 Ticket #150 (object not a builtin) closed by scoder
fixed: I worked around this by simply letting Cython ignore the base class in …


19:01 Ticket #172 (Compiler crash for non-builtin ValueError plus numpy cimport) created by jasone
The following code causes a cython crash (using cython-devel as of …
17:48 Ticket #125 (Add support for Spam/__init__.pyx) closed by robertwb
fixed: Works for me.  http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/3569aa5167f1 Isn't …
13:01 Ticket #163 (Crash in FlattenBuiltinTypeCreation._find_handler()) closed by scoder
fixed: Fixed.  http://hg.cython.org/cython-devel/rev/965dc9fc3da7
12:31 Ticket #164 (pyximport reportedly does not work on Python 2.6) closed by scoder
invalid: It's actually the ihooks module in Python 2.6 that's broken here, not …


14:34 Ticket #171 (Refcount nanny) created by dagss
I'm in the process of building a refcount nanny for Cython. This will aid …
09:58 Ticket #170 (better error when user-declared type conflicts with builtin type) created by robertwb
The offending code […] Proposed behavior […]
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