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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#467 cascaded assignments mixed with complete sequence assignments have side-effects scoder defect blocker scoder
#564 refcount bug in isinstance optimization scoder defect blocker robertwb
#569 New special method code breaks __getattr__ and module initialisation somebody defect blocker scoder
#82 Implement closures robertwb enhancement major robertwb
#319 Some testcases fail on py3 somebody defect major dagss
#354 bint type isn't handled in readonly property access dalcinl defect major scoder
#428 cython-closures branch has ref-counting issues craigcitro defect major scoder
#460 Always type-infer floating point types scoder enhancement major dagss
#507 for-in loop over any C array type scoder enhancement major scoder
#508 __test__ dictionary may not created for modules with pxd files somebody defect major dagss
#518 casting to typedef pointer/array types dalcinl defect major dalcinl
#527 Fix for annotation including external .pxd code somebody enhancement major etollerud
#530 Efficient Py_UNICODE iteration over unicode strings scoder enhancement major scoder
#531 Implement "char_val in b'abcdefg'" and "py_unicode_val in u'abcdefg'" efficiently scoder defect major scoder
#532 Constant folding can lead to incorrect results in conditions scoder defect major scoder
#533 reference leak when 'continue' appear in a loop's 'else' branch scoder defect major scoder
#535 Optimise indexed unicode character comparisons (ustring[0] == u'a') scoder enhancement major scoder
#538 Various issues with integer literals. robertwb defect major robertwb
#544 FlattenInListTransform breaks code with side-effects scoder defect major scoder
#553 Make inferring Python str type unsafe somebody defect major craigcitro
#558 Break up Cython/Includes directory into submodules. dagss, lisandro defect major robertwb
#561 major performance bug with special functions cwitty enhancement major cwitty
#568 Restore special method docstrings. robertwb defect major robertwb
#145 Problem with literals and boolean operators scoder defect minor dagss
#268 optimise away redundant None and type checks scoder enhancement minor scoder
#517 remove dependency on structmember.h dalcinl enhancement minor dalcinl
#525 Floating point constants not preserved perfectly to C source scoder defect minor dagss
#566 Code generated for __getslice__ fails to build in Py3 cwitty defect minor cwitty

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#539 range function regression somebody defect critical dagss
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