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#229 Cython % operator on cdef int has C semantics, not Python semantics robertwb defect blocker cwitty
#384 floor division on ctypedef-ed type results in non-compilable C code dagss defect blocker dagss
#412 char comparison stopped working scoder defect blocker dagss
#427 error in exception c++ propagation robertwb defect blocker robertwb
#441 Coercing float typedef to complex creates erronous C code somebody defect blocker dagss
#446 non-floating point complex support robertwb defect blocker robertwb
#455 implementation of 'not in' is broken dalcinl defect blocker dalcinl
#245 Compiler crash on invalid code (external structs to object conversion) robertwb defect critical dagss
#257 create_convert_utility_code() in PyrexTypes needs a rewrite dagss defect critical scoder
#373 bug in typed computed default arguments somebody defect critical robertwb
#404 Short-circuit disobeys Python semantics robertwb defect critical thesweeheng short-circuit semantics
#407 Public module C-API is broken under Python 3.2 dalcinl defect critical scoder c-api
#457 decorator directives don't propagate through the environment robertwb defect critical robertwb
#99 Char assignment allocates unused string literal scoder defect major dagss
#198 Complete temp transition and remove old temp system dagss task major dagss
#228 Exceptions get lost inside except blocks when shadowed by exceptions raised by Cython scoder defect major scoder
#235 Support PEP 3132: Extended Iterable Unpacking scoder enhancement major scoder
#237 Large integer constants wrap around or fail to compile scoder defect major scoder
#307 Crash on non_existing(None, keyword=3) dagss defect major dagss
#335 Utility code written in Cython dagss task major dagss kurtgsoc
#346 Exceptions caught and handled in Cython are "leaked" into Python scoder defect major ehuss
#372 bug in range optimization scoder defect major robertwb
#387 Make Cython modules work with doctest dagss defect major dagss
#398 Seamless C99/C++ complex numbers support dalcinl enhancement major dalcinl C99 C++ complex
#400 Optimize "int" when used for "floor and conversion to integral type" scoder enhancement major dagss
#406 Some identifier names/string constants can lead to C name redefinition scoder defect major scoder
#411 bug in cpdef temp allocation robertwb defect major robertwb
#431 intern doesn't work for python strings scoder, robertwb defect major robertwb
#434 main() function generated by --embed doesn't compile in Py3 somebody defect major scoder
#435 in-place division is broken in Py3.1 scoder defect major scoder
#443 Replace PY_NEW() hack by a an internal optimisation scoder enhancement major scoder
#444 When no buffers are assigned to, utility code is missing dagss defect major dagss
#453 easier eggification David Cournapeau defect major David Cournapeau
#144 Fix BlockNode/move literals/constants to code generation scoder task minor dagss cleanup
#166 cdef'd list raises wrong exception on append when list is None scoder defect minor hoytak
#215 Code generated for __setslice__ and __delslice__ fails to build in Py3 robertwb defect minor scoder
#250 Traceback method name is wrong for exceptions caught in methods robertwb defect minor scoder
#252 names of parameters with defaults not mangled in cdef, cpdef functions robertwb defect minor hoytak
#393 [with patch] Set module_is_main = 1 in main(), not globally lodatom enhancement minor lodatom embed
#394 [with patch] remove -Wextra empty body warning lodatom defect minor lodatom warnings
#405 [with patch] PyInt functions generate warnings under -Wextra lodatom defect minor lodatom warnings
#417 extension type cast should reject None dalcinl defect minor scoder
#421 docstrings on "__nonzero__()" method break module-init code in Py3.1 dagss defect minor scoder
#424 'buffer' test crashes in Py3.1.1 dagss defect minor scoder

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#304 Error reporting: Invalid code crashes Cython somebody defect major dagss
#360 Extern typedef float <-> Python object conversion somebody defect major dagss
#385 Cleanup: Make after_types the default in UtilityCode somebody task minor dagss

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#176 long long and VC6 somebody defect major xi
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