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#565 Enable/disable optimizations somebody defect critical robertwb
#3 Cython calls ExtType.__init__() as Python function somebody enhancement major robertwb
#433 Python classes defining __slots__ should automatically compile to extension classes somebody enhancement major scoder
#438 Drop ref-counting for list index access somebody enhancement major scoder
#662 Optimise Python's math functions when used on C values somebody enhancement major scoder
#756 Propagate length hint through generator expressions somebody enhancement major scoder
#760 traceback creation slows down exception propagation considerably somebody defect major scoder
#765 Optimise reversed(range(start,stop,step)) for non-trivial steps somebody enhancement major scoder
#180 Optimize buffer assignments somebody defect minor dagss numerics
#182 Inline iterator utility functions somebody enhancement minor dagss
#264 handle @property decorator somebody enhancement minor scoder
#426 Split parallel assignments into optimisable subsets somebody enhancement minor scoder
#744 Optimise kwargs pass-through somebody enhancement minor scoder

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#534 Optimise any(genexpr) and all(genexp) scoder enhancement major scoder
#546 range(a,b,c) not optimized for (at compile time) unknown step value somebody defect major robertwb
#616 Implement sorted(genexpr) scoder enhancement major scoder
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