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#469 Dependency graph for output of types and utility code dagss task major dagss
#134 cpdef method w/ unused buffer causes compilation error dagss defect major hoytak
#828 pop() from set produces invalid C scoder defect major mwtoews

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Reporter Keywords
#471 Allow public enum type fields for cdef classes somebody defect major robertwb
#802 Bad interaction between fused types and special methods somebody defect major robertwb
#726 Better error message for missing Python function arguments somebody enhancement minor scoder
#57 Buffer utility functions dagss enhancement minor dagss buffer utility numerics
#300 Buffers: Acquire through coercion somebody task major dagss kurtgsoc
#311 Buffers: Acquisition counted buffers somebody enhancement major dagss numerics kurtgsoc
#299 Buffers: Clean up internal representation of acquired buffers somebody task major dagss kurtgsoc
#514 Buffers: Some forms of C/Fortran contiguous buffers not acquired somebody defect minor dagss
#680 Bug in cimported recursively defined structs somebody defect major robertwb
#368 Cascading assignments of Python bools are inefficient somebody defect minor scoder
#815 Clean up code object creation and usage somebody enhancement major scoder
#601 Clean up node juggling during code generation in ForFromStatNode somebody defect major scoder
#69 Cython should emulate the Py3 print() function in Py2 < 2.6 somebody enhancement minor Stefan Behnel
#669 Dissallow assignment of vtab functions somebody defect major robertwb
#177 Efficient cdef calling convention for buffers somebody enhancement major dagss numerics kurtgsoc
#178 Efficient slices in buffers somebody enhancement major dagss numerics
#297 Enable for-in-range optimisation also for untyped loop vars somebody defect major robertwb
#755 Errors in circular imports somebody defect major robertwb
#722 Final directive in pxd causes compiler crash somebody defect major vitja
#797 Fix cython's deep C-stacks upon deallocation somebody defect major robertwb
#292 Garbage in HTML/annotation in simple example code somebody defect minor dagss
#833 Inheriting from type with fused methods breaks base class vtable somebody defect major scoder
#511 Inline functions in pxd files get wrong directives somebody defect major dagss
#81 Make CloneNode obsolete somebody defect major dagss cleanup
#363 Make sure we handle ob_type->tp_flags inheritance correctly somebody task major robertwb
#777 Metaclasses to generate cdef'ed Classes somebody enhancement minor valmynd
#573 Mismatched c ptr types warning in closures when using cdef classes somebody defect major dmalcolm
#451 Missing cast for numpy array slicing in C++ Mode somebody defect major hoytak
#341 Move Cython-language utility code inclusion to code generation phase somebody defect major dagss utility code
#43 Mysterious error with conflicting types somebody defect minor gfurnish
#345 Necessary refactoring of mangling methods in somebody defect major ksmith
#783 Odd behavior with std::string and .decode() somebody defect major barry
#812 Py3 mode renames "str" type to "unicode" in auto-embedded signature somebody defect minor nikratio
#414 Remove TempNode somebody defect major dagss
#753 ScopedExprNode doesn't support closures somebody defect major vitja
#349 Should extern typedefs require an explicit cast? somebody defect major robertwb
#749 Support dynamic length arrays on stack somebody enhancement major nikratio
#498 Support for borrowed references somebody enhancement major scoder
#408 Support tuple unpacking in calls to C function somebody enhancement minor scoder
#389 Temp handling in ForFromStatNode needs cleanup somebody task minor scoder
#197 Think through and clean up various TempBlock classes somebody task major dagss cleanup
#510 Uncompileable C code when combining & with buffer [] somebody defect major dagss
#315 ValueError Exception raised during type checking when mixing bint and ndarray somebody defect minor hoytak Type checking
#324 Wrap docstrings with PyDoc_STRVAR macro. somebody enhancement minor ehuss
#816 Wrapping C++ methods with default arguments silently produces incorrect code somebody defect major callegar C++
#548 Wrong code generated for type-casting to C++ reference somebody defect major haoyu
#475 __file__ variable not available in module init somebody defect major robertwb
#679 boundscheck(False) implies wraparound(False) for lists, tuples somebody defect major robertwb
#472 builtins caching happens too early, before the optimisation phase somebody defect minor scoder
#283 cdef inline functions in pxds can't have default arguments somebody defect major robertwb
#337 class decorators for cdef classes somebody enhancement minor scoder
#154 cleanup attempted for unused (so undeclared) buffer somebody defect minor hoytak
#308 closures for module scope somebody defect minor scoder
#499 complex numpy arithmatic somebody defect major robertwb
#817 cython --embed-position truncates filename from include path somebody defect major vbraun
#754 data of numpy masked array is not around somebody defect minor mauro
#282 explore ways to trap SIGFPE instead of doing runtime checks somebody enhancement major scoder
#256 for..from by step doesn't work with pointers somebody defect major robertwb
#829 fused function dispatch is slow for Python calls somebody enhancement major scoder
#259 future division not respected by C ints (including literals) somebody defect major robertwb
#432 intern() doesn't handle char* properly somebody defect major scoder
#772 max(int, unsigned int) missbehaving somebody defect major mauro
#288 method aliasing via assignment somebody enhancement minor rmurri
#825 overflowcheck does not work with compound assignment operators somebody defect major jdemeyer
#173 per-interpreter module state in Py3 (PEP 3121) somebody enhancement major scoder
#95 public and readonly module globals somebody defect major robertwb
#18 req: support cdef class attrib initialisation somebody enhancement major rebirth@… class attribute initialisation
#810 segfault when using cdef keyword arguments somebody defect critical robertwb
#174 slow code somebody defect major robertwb
#152 subtyping PyVarObject (e.g. bytes/tuple) somebody defect major scoder
#567 super doesn't work with cpdef methods somebody defect major robertwb
#238 support __new__() in extension types somebody enhancement major scoder
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