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#423 Support explicit exception chaining syntax (PEP 3134) haoyu enhancement minor -- scoder

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Reporter
#487 Py3 syntax: 'with' statment with multiple managers haoyu enhancement major fixed scoder
#488 Py3 syntax: Ellipsis ('...') haoyu enhancement minor fixed scoder

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Reporter
#793 Buffer/template arguments sometimes parsed as expressions somebody defect major -- robertwb
#301 Buffers: Store acquired buffers as typed fields in cdef classes + global variables somebody defect major -- dagss
#16 IF clauses inside definitions somebody enhancement minor -- jmickelin@…
#410 Investigate element.pxd note somebody defect major -- robertwb
#386 Make complex number type from typedef float somebody enhancement minor -- dagss
#340 Problem with buffer/memview parsing strategy somebody defect major -- dagss
#757 Py2 syntax for looping over implicit tuple not supported somebody defect minor -- vitja
#194 Support for buffer typedefs somebody enhancement minor -- dagss
#302 Usability problem: Cannot access .shape member of numpy.ndarray as tuple somebody defect major -- NNemec
#279 compiler crash on .pxd -> .py definitions somebody defect major -- robertwb
#666 compiler crash on nested templates somebody defect major -- hoytak
#327 cpdef attributes should give an compile-time error somebody defect major -- robertwb
#27 inspection of compilation namespace for IF/ELIF/ELSE/DEF somebody enhancement major -- cb@…
#764 prange doesn't properly parse reduction in if-elif-else trees somebody defect major -- ohanar
#262 pre-declaring a cdef class without its base type doesn't raise an error somebody defect minor -- scoder
#834 prevent cyclic includes somebody defect major -- scoder
#92 public enums in extern blocks somebody defect major -- robertwb
#835 reject duplicate external names in .pxd files somebody defect major -- scoder
#334 support duplicating cdef class fields in both pxd and pyx somebody defect major -- dagss
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